In December 2015 it became clear that the goatraising under the leadership of the organised sector started especially in the far away baranquay Maslobago.

The internal solidarity related to upheaval of agriculture is substantial there. These farmers are taking up contact with farmers of another far away baranguay, who already showed an interest in joining Rakapi.

The new calendercampaign (75 pieces), spreaded also among tricycledrivers, is meant to support this expansion. The finances of the campaign are shouldered bij the income of Rakapi through selling male goats.

In every agenda for the meetings we will take up an item of Quality Control. This in order to prevent that by a growing number of breeding habits, there will be a negative effect. When a goat enters into its 6th years, it will be replaced by the farmer with an offspring so that old goats will not hinder the progress of the expansion. The planning is that in October 2016 we will have 20 Rakapi breeder goats.






Demo Goat

Helma, licks salt
A Trycicledriver