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The members of the peace-negotiationpanel in the Netherlands. Hereby we sent you a copy of a letter to the new elected government of the Philippines. We are not sure this letter reached the new elected government of Duterte. We urge you to bring this letter in, within the peacenegotiations. The letter is a fruit of 9 years LPM-masswork with measurable concrete agricultural results. Since 2010 Rakapi is an implementation of the Garb (Genuine Agrarian Reporm Bill)

listening tot the will and strength of the organized sector. Hereby we propose that a part of the peaceprocess will take place here in Guinobatan in the baranguayhall of M. after the withdrawal of the military by the new government in that particular baranguay. besides the presence of sectorleaders it would be good and fruitfull that a representative of the bishops could participate as Rakapi is a fruit of applying the social teaching of the Church. We would suggest retired bishop Msgr. Iniguez. This part of the peaceproces is aimed at securing that agrarian development will be a fundamental part of reaching a long lasting peace.













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